Birds Nest
Oct 2008
Yong Special
Mar 2011
Willies Callibaetis Nymph
Mar 2013
Whitlock Fox Squirrel
Apr 2001
Sparkle Snail
Jul 2002
Trout Chow
Feb 2007
Teeny Nymph
Feb 2005
Swimming Damsel
July 2001
May 2002
Sand Crab
June 2019
PMD Trigger Nymph
May 2008
Owens River Midge Larva
Nov 2006
Olive Seal Scud
Nov 2012
Skip Nymph
Jan 2010
Silver Streak
Jul 2007
Ray Charles
Mar 2007
San Juan Worm
Jul 2013
One Feather Damsel
Sep 2001
Net Spinning Caddis
Feb 2011
Simple Olive Caddis
Oct 2010
Sharks Caddis Larva
Aug 2010
Gold Ribbed Hares Ear
Feb 2001
Muskrat Nymph
Mar 2001
Green Caddis Larva
Feb 2011
Improved Foam Wing Caddis
Dec 2005
Mikes Midge Pupa
Sep 2006
Maroon Bead Head Pupa
Jan 2002
Gray Micro Scud
Nov 2010
Mike Mercers Beaded Biot
Sep 2006
Illegal Fly
Jan 2004
Mylar_Ribbed Biot Midge
May 2011
Hit and Run
Apr 2005
Kern River Emerger
Mar 2009
Jan 2002
Bead Head Owens River Midge Pupa
Nov 2006
Gold Nugget
Mar 2004
Barbie Doll Special
Nov 2005
Dragonfly_Damselfly Nymph
Jan 2005
Black Stonefly
Aug 2012
Chans Chironomid Pheasant Tail Pupa
Jan 2002
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