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Last Updated: 4/19/2022

Colorado River Trip

April of 2022

Kai Schuman brought a group to the Colorado River Campround near Yuma and the Senator Wash. Some members caught their first bass and bluegill on the fly. Lunker bass, Carp, bluegill and striper

were all landed on the Fly. 


Kai also hosted a Fly tying session at Bay Park Fish Co. and great dinners on his smoker. 

Bishop Trip

Pictures from the Club's trip to Bishop and the Owens River watershed in February 2019. Water flows were great at approximately 120 to 175 CFS.  Hot Creek was hard to get into due to deep snow. Two members went in on snowmobiles and caught a lot of fish.  A great time was had by all.  Evening meals were fun and yummy! On this trip the Club sponsored two PHW Veterans on the first PHW fishing trip. Epic event and they both caught nice fish.  We had over 20 fly fishers in attendance and managed to find one lost Fly Fisher in the Bowling alley parking lot. See the tattoo picture.

Conservation Activities

The Club is very active in Conservation work around the County and in California.  These pictures show Boulder Creek, in the eastern part of San Diego county where the club is actively involved with stream restoration and creating an education center.  The Club is also working at Lake Cuyamaca helping to rear trout for the lake. Volunteers are always needed please contact the conservation committee if you want to get involved.

Fly Tying

Club members who want to learn to tie flies, improve their skills or teach others meet once a week at our fly tying congress.  Our club also teaches fly tying to participants in the Project Healing Waters program which SDFF sponsors in San Diego.

Golden Trout Service Trips

Our conservation chair leads a group to the GTW to put up fences in Summer and bring them down again in Fall.  This let's mother nature shape the stream around the meadow, not the cattle.

Let's Fish !!!

Yes - we actually fly fish folks!  Here we have pics of happy flyfishers, their big ones and good times together on the water, at the lodge, on the beach.

Trout in the Classroom

Led by our conservation chair, members participate in a program to teach kids about the life cycle of trout in the classroom.  They raise the trout fry and let'em go in Lake Murphy.  While on the beach, they get a little fly tying and fly casting training too.  These are tomorrow's flyfishers and conservationists!

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