Last Update: 02/15/2021

Zoom Directory

Here's where you can join our online zoom meetings at the time they are scheduled.  To find out when the meetings occur, go to our CALENDAR.

To Join a Meeting  via an Internet Connection

Speaker Program Mtg

Info if using zoom app:
Meeting ID: 978 3656 3051
Passcode: SDFF-4U

Weekly Fly Tying Congress

Info if using zoom app:
Meeting ID: 924 0621 4724
Passcode: 154339

Monthly Board Meeting

Info if using zoom app:
Meeting ID: 947 1969 9057
Web Passcode: lakes1

To Join a Meeting  by Dialing Directly Over the Mobile Phone Network

Dial the the Zoom access number for your geographic location, and when prompted, enter the Meeting ID and Phone Passcode for the desired room.
To enter a 1-tap speed dial into your phone, use the following format:
<location number>,,<room number>#,,,,,,0#,,<phone passcode>#
For example, when calling from San Diego, use the following to join a monthly program zoom meeting:
Location phone numbers
 1 346 248 7799  (Houston, TX)
 1 253 215 8782  (Tacoma, WA)
 1 669 900 6833  (San Jose, CA)
 1 301 715 8592  (Germantown, MD)
 1 312 626 6799  (Chicago, IL)
 1 929 436 2866  (New York, NY)
Zoom Room Phone Passcodes
Monthly Program Mtg: 612100
Weekly Fly Tying Congress: 154339
Monthly Board Mtg: 449227