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Barrett Lake Outing

Last Update: 03/25/2024

San Diego Fly Fishers Club is going to Barrett!

On Saturday April 27 SDFF will have exclusive use of Barrett Lake before the general season opener – SDFF members, friends and affiliate fly fishers! Each participant must pay the entry fee! To sign up, scroll down to the "FISHING FEE" button.

Everyone who takes advantage of fishing Barrett has to pay the $45 Fishing Fee, limited to 60 total fly fishers.  The boat rental is an additional fee of $50 and it is limited to 15 boats.    

It is especially important to specify the name of the person attending, especially if the payment will be coming from the credit card or Paypal account of a different person.  You will receive confirmation of registration by email.  Reservations are final and cannot be cancelled.  There will be no refunds if the named attendee does not arrive to check in on time. 


We will meet at the main gate at Barrett starting at 5am, where you will be checked in and sign a waiver (scroll down for directions and picture of the lake). At 6am the gates will open and we will all go in to the lake as a group, and the gate will be closed behind us. Do Not Be Late! We have the lake to ourselves for a maximum of 8 hours, so everyone has to be off the lake by 3pm. You can leave earlier if you wish, you just have to get out of your vehicle at the gate and open it, closing it behind you.  


As you may know, Barrett Lake is a World Class Largemouth Bass and Bluegill fishery, highlighted on Fly Fishing TV shows and Fly Fishing Magazines for years.  Fly fishing only.  All flies will need to be barbless, as this is a catch and release only lake (and yes, you can get cited for using barbed hooks). Popper flies can be deadly in the morning, followed by black woolybuggers as the sun gets high in the sky. 


For those Attending:

  • Arrive at the Gate as early as 5am

  • We will line up cars behind the locked "inside gate".  The outside gate will be open.

  • We will be let into the lake property as a group at 6am.  GET THERE BY 5:30AM TO CHECK IN. DO NOT BE LATE

  • Everyone has to be off the water by 3PM

Please try to car pool as parking is limited.  Although 4WD is not necessary, getting to the lake is a ~2-3 mile drive on dirt roads with 3 small creek crossings.  

If you have not been to Barrett Lake before, do not trust internet mapping programs like Google Maps to get you there; They will take you to the wrong gate.  The correct gate entrance does not have a sign and can easily be missed.  It's located here.  The gate entrance has a large dirt parking lot next to it and is on your right, ~1.7 miles on Lyons Valley Road after passing Honey Springs Road.

To inquire further, send email to

Purchase Tickets Here!



Barrett Reservoir

Barrett Junction Road is closed

   -From Interstate 8, take the Japatul Valley Road exit and turn right, turn left on Lyons Valley Road and travel 6 miles to Barrett Entrance Gate.

   -From state Route 94, turn left on Honey Springs Road, turn right on Lyons Valley Road and travel 1.7 miles to the reservoir gate.

Barrett Lake Map.png
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