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Guest Speaker:  Lucky Ketcham

Last Update: 04/22/2017
Mike Kaul

Lucky Ketcham

WHEN:  Monday, May 1, 2017  7PM

WHERE:  Southwestern Yacht Club

Local Bass on Poppers

Lucky Ketcham is arguably the most widely known fly fishing expert in the San Diego fly fishing community.  He is a long time member of both local flyfishing clubs and takes detailed notes of the information provided by the monthly speakers at club meetings.  He is an experienced fly tier and active leader in the weekly fly tying congress held by SDFF. He keeps copious notes of all the things he learns from experts and personal experience and for years has passed on all of his research via an email list that many of the local fly fishers subscribe to.  Lucky's knowledge is underpinned by his education and career as a professional entomologist - he knows his bugs !!!

For our May 1 meeting, Lucky's presentation will be based on several outings to favorite local lakes to teach members how easy it is to catch Bluegill and Small Bass without traveling long distances.  It will focus on how to make the day fun and answer the questions: When, Where and How.  Small poppers commercially available and "Home Made" will be shown.  Bass will be caught using smaller poppers but the How To Target Bass with larger poppers will have to be a later presentation.   We have the Florida Strain of Blue Gills in some lakes -- "Learn to Love Them."

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