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Speaker: Dave Zoby

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Last Update: 06/13/2024

An Evening with Dave Zoby

This month’s meeting is a special one. Please join us for an interactive discussion with Dave Zoby.

Dave teaches and lives in Casper, WY. His work has appeared in The Sun Magazine, The Missouri Review, The Drake, and others. He is the recipient of The Jeffery Smith Editors' Prize in Nonfiction from the Missouri Review, and numerous writing awards from the Outdoor Writers Association. His book, Fire on the Beach (Scribner) tells the lost story of Richard Etheridge, an African American hero who lived and worked on the wind-swept coast of North Carolina. His book Fish Like You Mean It” is 4.8 star rated on Amazon.


With two semesters of Spanish and a used copy of Steinbeck's “The Log from the Sea of Cortez”, Dave Zoby and his black Lab, Henderson, drove from Wyoming to El Sargento to spend the summer. It didn't quite work out the way he planned, but it gave him plenty to think about.

Get ready for the meeting by:  


  • Listening to the most popular podcast Drake Magazine has ever done featuring Dave here. 

  • Reading the article, “The Baja Filter” in this quarter’s issue of Gray’s Sporting Journal.

  • An article based on the annual SDFF trip to Coyote Estero.

  • Preparing some questions to ask Dave at the SDFF meeting.

WHEN: Tue July 2nd, 2024 @6:30 PM

WHERE: Live at the Southwestern Yacht Club

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