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Wear the SDFF Logo


Our Club logo is available to be applied to items purchased at Cabela's. Here is the information you will need.

Step 1: Decide what article of clothing you want the club logo to be placed on and write down the number and color you want to purchase. There are good deals on the Corporate Sales book found online. Then choose the logo, blue or gold, you will use: Blue lettering LOGO is for light-colored item (LOGO number 30016093) or gold lettering LOGO for dark colored items (LOGO number 30015627).


Step 2: Contact Cabelas Embroidery at (877) 892-4424 (Telephone), or facsimile at (800) 237-4401, or on-line at


Step 3. When connected to the Embroidery Department, Give them the SDFF Customer Club Number when placing an order. This number is 40479874. You may receive a 0-10% discount by using the Club Number. However, for almost all items there is an embroidery charge of $5.00.


Step 4: Finalize the order and use a credit card to secure your purchase by phone. If you are ordering by FAX or e-mail, do not include a credit card number. For security reasons, Cabelas will call you for that information.


Step 5: Check your product when it arrives.

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