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Guest Speaker:  Sam Sedillo

Last Update: 10/10/2018
Sam Sedillo 3.jpg

Sam Sedillo

WHEN:  Monday, Nov 5, 2018  7PM

WHERE:  Southwestern Yacht Club

Trout Unilimited Projects in California

Sam Sedillo works for Trout Unlimited as the CA Public Lands Coordinator out of the Truckee TU (TRTU) office. He works on public lands defense, restoration projects, volunteer operations, fish sampling, and outreach.


Sam will tell us how TU is leading projects to conserve, protect, and restore trout and salmon fisheries throughout California. TU is excited to be working on projects that both directly benefit the special fish that exist in the state and also provide increased opportunities for anglers to catch these fish. Moreover, Sam will be talking about how to fish two of the rivers that Trout Unlimited is invested in, the Truckee and Little Truckee Rivers.”

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