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Guest Speaker:  David Paul Williams

Last Update: 02/02/2019

Note! Feb 4 meeting is at a different location:


San Diego Yacht Club


David Paul Williams

WHEN:  Mon, Feb 4, 2019  7PM

WHERE: Different location this month is:

San Diego Yacht Club


6 PM - David will give a fly tying demo.

Stuff Fish Eat

Our speaker for February is David Paul Williams aka "The Fishing Writer"

The big three—mayflies, caddisflies and stoneflies—get all the publicity, but it’s all the other stuff that makes up the trout diet on any given day. When the fish are eating beetles, all the mayfly imitations are useless. David's presentation covers the other food items that may only make up 10% of the drift but 80% of the diet. Knowing about chronomids, scuds, leeches, ants, dragons and more will greatly improve every flyfisher’s catch rate.


David Paul Williams caught his first trout while Ike was President and still admires these lovely fish. Author of Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth (Stackpole Books), he has written about trout, salmon, bass, shad and carp for numerous magazines including Fly Fisherman, American Angler, Northwest Fly Fishing, Fly Fusion, Flyfishing & Tying Journal, Bassmaster, Salmon-Trout-Steelheader, Salmon Steelhead Journal, Backpacker, Northwest Travel, Seattle Magazine. He is a Department Editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journal, the "In The Field" editor for Washington-Oregon Game & Fish magazine and gives entertaining media presentations to fishing clubs and outdoor organizations. He is a demonstration fly tier and speaker at numerous fly fishing expos and sportsmen’s shows . He is a member of the Board of Directors of Fly Fishers International and Editor-In-Chief of Flyfisher magazine as well as past secretary and former newsletter editor of the Washington Council FFI. To learn more, go to or

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