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Speaker: Jessica Strickland

Last Update: 04/04/2023

"TU's work on the GTW'

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Jessica's Bio

Jessica Strickland is the director of TU’s Inland Trout Program. She manages their conservation and restoration work in CA involving wild and native trout and public lands.  Jessica oversees habitat restoration and fisheries enhancement projects, and supports TU’s public lands advocacy and field science work.  For Trout Unlimited, and previously for American Rivers, Jessica has been working to protect and restore headwater fish habitat for near 15 years.  Jessica graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in wildlife and fisheries and received her master’s degree from Texas State University in Watershed Management.  She is an avid angler and mother of two.

WHEN: Mon May 01, 2023 @6:30 PM

WHERE: Live at the Southwestern Yacht Club

Jessica Strickland

Jessica will be presenting on the TU’s restoration work on the Kern Plateau, with a focus on the Golden Trout Wilderness Area.  TU has been leading a landscape-level stream and meadow restoration project since 2019 and will be breaking ground on construction this summer.  This restoration work will create more habitat for CA Golden Trout and provide for more water for headwater streams in the low flow season.    

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