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Speaker:  James Garrettson

Last Update: 05/09/2021
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James Garrettson

WHEN:  Wed Apr 21, 2021 @7:30 PM


About Trout: A Guide's Approach to the Water

Have you ever gone fishing and felt you didn't have the right fly? Tough days on the water? A Guides Approach to the Water is a deep dive into the daily decisions a full time guide makes to insure clients have a great day on the water. Thinking "trout first" and understanding correlations between trout behavior and river conditions are the foundations of a successful day on the water. Many anglers get pigeonholed into thinking "fly first", when they should fish with their mind before tying on the fly or choosing a rig. A Guides Approach to the Water covers trout biology, understanding river conditions and a meat and potatoes approach to insect life. It is not the fly but the understanding of the trout and their environment that makes for successful days on the water. 


About James Garrettson ...


James is a full time guide based out of Northern New Mexico. He was quickly consumed by fly fishing after receiving a copy of the Curtis Creek Manifesto at age 10.  At 14 years old, James' passion for fly fishing landed him a job at Orvis Tysons Corner, store #55  (making him the youngest employee in the company). After cutting his teeth on brookies in Shenandoah National Park and striped bass in the Long Island sound, James expanded his boundaries to chase fish around the East Coast, The Pacific NorthWest, Costa Rica, Bosnia, and the Rockies. James currently guides on the San Juan, Chama, and Conejos rivers. James is an Echo Pro Team member and an Ambassador for Fulling Mill. 

James' website:

Would you like to be a 3rd Wednesday Speaker ???


Our programs chairperson Tim Huckaby says:


We have so much talent and expertise in the club that we have decided to augment our “normal” club meeting and presentation (every 1st Monday of the month) with a mostly club member presentation on the 3rd Wednesday of each month this year. Those of you that have joined the virtual club meetings you know we have had a lot of success. We sure have learned a lot and been entertained by some pillars of the fly fishing industry. Honestly, it has been easier for me to recruit speakers to do virtual presentations because I don’t take them out of their day jobs for stretches of travel to San Diego. We’ll continue our “normal” first Monday of the month meetings with “big name” speakers, virtually, until we can finally meet in person as a club again….which is not looking like any time soon. We have quite the lineup scheduled already for 2021. It’s not the same as meeting in person. I get that. I miss meeting in person too. But, the virtual thing is gonna’ have to do for while until the world gets ahead of the pandemic.

So…I’m on the hunt for you experts in the club that would be willing to do a virtual presentation and/or virtual Q&A for us on a 3rd Wednesday this year. Please contact me by email, or my cell, 619-990-9200 to discuss. Don’t be surprised if I find you with a little help from other club members and proactively reach out to you for the ask.

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