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Guest Speaker:  Denny Rickards

Last Update: 03/05/15

Plying Stillwater for Trophy Trout

John Williams

Denny Rickards

WHEN:  Monday, April 6, 2015, 7PM
      (6 PM for tying demo)


WHERE:  Sequoia Elementary

For the past thirty years Denny Rickards has had an opportunity to fish and guide anglers over some of the most challenging trophy trout waters in the Western United States. His simplistic approach and techniques on presentation have accounted for browns over 20 pounds, cutthroats to 15 pounds and rainbows in excess of 16 pounds.   Denny spends Over 250 days a year doing what he loves best: guiding, writing, tying flies, conducting fly fishing schools, and field testing & developing tackle manufacturer’s products.


In this program, Denny will cover all aspects of stillwater presentation with emphasis on where to fish, depths, fly lines that match depths, flies, tackle set up, impacts of external forces that impact a trout’s feeding behavior, retrieve styles, mistakes we make and much more, but mainly how to fish stillwater.


Note: at 6 PM, prior to our meetings' usual start time, Denny will give a fly tying demo.


More about Denny:


As a professional fly tier, his suggestive patterns have appeared in various outdoor magazines and are on display at Cushners Fly Fishing Museum in Florence, Oregon. Based on past reviews, his books and companion videos are now considered the "bibles" for fly fishing lakes.


When he isn't fishing or guiding, many hours are spent studying trout behavior, their habitat, and the various insects found within their environment.  His knowledge and ability to teach others were a prerequisite to establishing his fly fishing schools/clinics which have become a priority for anglers seeking the ultimate from their angling experiences.

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