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Guest Speaker:  Alex Cady

Last Update: 09/26/2017

Alex Cady

WHEN:  Monday, Oct 2, 2017  7PM

WHERE:  Southwestern Yacht Club

Fly Fishing Our Local Salt Water

Our speaker for the October 2 meeting is Alex Cady, fly fishing guide from the local San Diego fly shop, The Fly Stop.


The best description about Alex comes from a review on YELP:


I had the opportunity to fly fish with Alex on San Diego bay. GREAT guide and awesome charter. Alex was incredibly knowledgeable about the local fishery and had some great technique advice for fishing
with sinking lines.  Can't give you specifics about his shop but would not hesitate to reserve him for a day of salt water fly fishing.


The review was a 5 star from this fly fisher and we are in for a special presentation !!!

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