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Renew Membership Online

This page is only for current SDFF members who are NOT active in the US military, and who wish to renew and pay for their membership online.   Active military may apply by printing an application and mailing it in.


If you wish to apply for a new membership online or wish to print, fill out and mail in an application, please click here and select the appropriate option.

Please read the following before submitting the form below: 


  • The form below is for current members only

  • If you have filled in all required form items and click the 'Submit Membership Info' button below, but you are not routed to our payment page, please note what did happen and contact the SDFF web admin.

  • After you submit the form and payment you may receive confirmation emails from companies whose email addresses end in or  Insure that your email provider and your device email app will not reject email from these senders.

  • After you submit the form, you will be asked to pay for membership.  If we receive your form, but no record of payment, your membership will not be renewed.

  • You must fill out all of the items marked with a star '*'.  Since you are renewing, the unstarred fields need only be filled in if something has changed.

  • Be sure to read the San Diego Fly Fishers Release Agreement.  You will have to agree to its terms in order to submit the form.

  • If you have any questions about your membership status or wish to change your email address or other information in the form, send an email to

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